Saturday, 19 January 2019

Routine Maintenance

Course Update

We have now started work on the grass path at 10th for health and safety reasons at some times throughout the day the 10th tee will be moved to an area at the start of the fairway.
Tees changed and bunkers raked.Various areas where bushes have been removed will be seeded. Low areas on the practice range will be raised and seeded.

Maintenance Works

Deep verti draining could still take place if required.
Some tidy up jobs have been started and will continue, various bushes throughout the course will be trimmed. Areas where bush removal was carried out will continue to be seeded.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Advance Programme

Advance Programme:
Grass paths and the practice range will be verti drained again. Fairways top dressed with sand.
Some areas where bushes/trees were removed will be re-seeded. Small broom and gorse bushes within heather beds will be removed or sprayed with weed killer.The tee banks at the 8th tee will be softened and a grass path formed from the 7th green to the 8th tees.